Mortal Kombat X Predator Review

Review for Mortal Kombat X's newest fighter: Predator!

This past Tuesday, Mortal Kombat X released its newest competitor, Predator. Not only do players get to control one of the most feared aliens in the galaxy, but they're able to use his wide variety of weapons and hunting tricks. Look out Sub-zero, you wont see him coming!

Predator is well-known for his arsenal of sharp and compact weapons for hunting creatures all throughout the galaxy. With the signature cloaking mechanism and twin arm blades, Predator is a force to be reckoned with. But how does he fare against those from the Mortal Kombat universe? Very well, actually....

3 Forms, Same Predator

Like all Mortal Kombat X characters, Predator has 3 forms to choose from: Warrior, Hunter and Hish-Qu-Ten.

His Warrior form is not exactly the same Predator we are all accustomed to, but it's nearly identical. He wears a black mask and has the same weapons, but instead of a plasma cannon on his shoulder, he sports a mine that ties up his opponent and hangs them upside down. This is the same trap laid when Predators hunt and skin their prey alive. Warrior is a decent form to choose, but isn't exactly fun as using Hish-Qu-Ten. 

Hish-Qu-Ten is the Predator we all know and love. It's identical to the Warrior class, but swaps out the trap mine for a shoulder plasma cannon and a silver/dark grey mask. This class is way more fun to use, as shooting fighters from a distance with your plasma cannon is fun, and seeing your favorite fighters such as Johnny Cage take on the Predator is a real treat!

Last but not least, there's the Hunter. The Hunter class is basically Predator with no mask, no cannon and virtually no weapons other than spinning blades (which all 3 forms have) and the arm blades (which all 3 forms have). Although all classes are basically identical, this class seems slower and more bulky than the other two, and that is off-putting. Against faster fighters, you will easily get overpowered and not be able to land a hit.

X-Rays and Fatalities

All 3 Predator classes have the exact same x-rays and fatalities. This is not just slightly disappointing, it's outright boring. The only real differences are the brutalities, which are class specific. That definitely makes up for the lack of x-rays, etc. The brutality for the Warrior class is the iconic upside down skinning of his prey. Hunter slices his prey in half, and Hish-Qu-Ten uses his plasma cannons. All very satisfying brutalities.


Predator is an iconic alien in the movie world, and he makes a great addition to the roster - as does Jason Vorhees. But more could have been done for this master hunter. More movement speed, more weapons (i.e. plasma bomb fatality) and more. Overall Predator is a great character to use and is a blast to fight against as well. Predator gets an 8/10. 

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Review for Mortal Kombat X's newest fighter: Predator!
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Published Jul. 12th 2015

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