3 Stephen King Short Stories That Should Be Indie Horror Games

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The Gunslinger

This could be considered cheating a bit as The Gunslinger is a short story that became a volume and a bigger part of the Dark Tower novel, but as Stephen King considers these stories as his magnum opus, and as such is the perfect setting for a video game series I'm going to include it anyway.

The Gunslinger has an alternative world setting that mixes a futuristic, alternative earth-gothic horror fantasy. Where you will encounter demons, Succubus and other creatures with the Old West stylings of a Spaghetti Western.

The story will see the lead character Roland Deschain pursuing the mysterious 'Man In Black', as he edges closer to the Dark Tower.

I imagine the gameplay and world to be similar to that of a Dark Souls or Bloodborne style game with some Red Dead Redemption thrown in. While this may seem like an ambitious project for an indie developer to take on, you may want to consider the huge game that is coming called Kingdom Come: Deliverance from indie developers Warhorse studios - indie doesn't have mean low budget.

The Dark Tower series is being adapted this year in film, it is starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey and will act as a sequel to the books by Stephen King.

Are there any Stephen King short stories that you would like to see adapted to a videogame? Answer in the comments below!

Published Mar. 8th 2017

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