New Survey From Harmonix Asks Fans About Current-Gen Rock Band

A new survey allows players a say in whether they get a new Rock Band.

Rock Band and other music games, like Guitar Hero, made a big splash in the game world when they originally released in the mid-to-late 2000s. Although these games were really popular, in recent years they have declined in popularity. 

Harmonix, the creators of Rock Band, want to ask the fans that made them big if they want a current-gen version of the game - the current-gen, of course, being Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Harmonix released a survey today that allows players to put in their two cents about the issue.


It's great that the studio is asking the potential audience of their game whether they want a new version because it could save the studio an embarrassing and poor numbered launch of a game that's had its time to shine. 

The studio is also working on games like Fantasia: Music Evolved, Chroma, Amplitude, and Dance Central Spotlight, so if they were going to make a new Rock Band it would definitely be an added bonus and not necessarily their primary focus. It's nice that the fans have the option though, something I've not seen many studios do in the recent past. 

I've enjoyed Rock Band and games alike in the past but I don't really play them that much anymore. Would you be interested in a new Rock Band or do you think the ship has sailed? 

Published Jul. 20th 2014

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