Alex and in game currency available in today's patch for Street Fighter V

Alex joins the fight in Street Fighter V Plus in game currency available today!

Earlier in March, Capcom announced that there would be a two part content drop for Street Fighter V. The first, which was dropped on the 28th included a challenge mode, online rematch options, Battle Lounge improvements, and bug fixes. The second part of the drop is going to be released today, March 30. This drop adds Alex as a playable character in Street fighter V and introduces an in-game currency called Fight Money.

Alex is the first character to be released since the launch of Street Fighter V. When Street Fighter III was released back in 1997, players got a chance to play the grappler type brawler Alex. Now players can get into the fight with Alex for a limited trial period for free. This is until the game currency (aka Zenny) gets fully integrated in to the game.

The in-game shop will let you spend your hard-earned Fight Money to purchase extra goodies in Street Fighter V. Players can purchase new characters for 100,000 FM each, and Story Mode Costumes for 40,000 FM each. Additional characters and content will be out later this year that players can use their Fight Money to obtain.

So are you ready to dominate your opponents with Alex's crushing techniques? Street Fighter V can be purchased on Steam, the PlayStation Store, or at your local retailer.


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Published Mar. 30th 2016

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