Sony Says There Won't Be Any PlayStation 5 Delays

Sony says the COVID-19 outbreak won't delay its next-gen console after all.

Not too long ago, we reported on some marketing analyst concerns over console production and manufacturing delays brought on by COVID-19. Now, however, Sony is saying there will be no PlayStation 5 delays on account of the coronavirus.

A Sony spokeswoman broke the news to Bloomberg in an official statement, and IGN originally picked up on the story. She said Sony "doesn’t see any notable impact on the launch of its next-generation game console PlayStation 5 planned at the end of this year."

The news comes as Sony is also dealing with profit loss and stock decreases because of the global virus. Manufacturing is starting up again in China but is shutting down several major hubs as governments take action to prevent the virus from spreading. According to Bloomberg, Sony's expectations for the fiscal year ending March 31 may be $370 million less than the company predicted.

Given that and a 10% decrease in Sony's stocks, it makes sense the company would try and avoid any delays to its highly anticipated console. Still, it's important to keep in mind this is an ongoing situation, and things might change without warning.

You can check out the original story on IGN. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more next-gen console news as it develops.


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Platforms PlayStation 5
Published Mar. 27th 2020

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