Metal Gear Solid V "one of the best games ever made!"

Metal Gear Solid V received universal acclaim as the review embargo was lifted yesterday!

The hype is real. Fans of Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid series were more than pleased to see that a game that has been hyped and teased close to three years has received universal acclaim from multiple reviewers such as IGN, GameSpot, and Game Informer. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is one of the only games that GameSpot has given a 10/10, one of the others being its predecessor.

No Metal Gear fan could look at all of those reviews and not be hyped

The game has been praised in almost every aspect. The massive open world has not hindered the progression or pacing of the story one bit. We saw from the very first trailer revealed at e3 2013 that The Phantom Pain would deal with controversial topics such as child soldiers, blood diamonds, and torture. However, from what we have read, it seems that Hideo Kojima has once again masterfully crafted a story that keeps you thinking while still maintaining a lighthearted tone with Metal Gear's usual quirks. 

D-Dog is just one of the many companions that can aid Big Boss in his missions

Metal Gear Solid retains its status as the best stealth games out there with the complex AI that will not be fooled simply by breaking the line of sight. In fact, if the game is in fact as good as it looks, it might not just be the best stealth game out there. It may be the best game, period. The Phantom Pain is set to release in one week, and for some of us, that is one week too long...


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Published Aug. 25th 2015

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