Slime Rancher to Get Glitches — On Purpose

Slime Rancher's next update introduces new slimes to catch, new gadgets, and first paid DLC.

Most of the time, people complain about glitches in games because bugs often cause games to crash, lead to broken quests, and otherwise annoying in-game interactions.

However, that is not the case for the next planned Slime Rancher update. Viktor's Experimental Update: v1.4.0 goes live for PC on June 18, with a console release planned shortly after.

The biggest addition to the game is Glitch Slime. Long teased in the game and discussed on forums such as Reddit, it is finally releasing with the new update.

Glitch Slimes have been discovered in Viktor's Slimeulations, and players are called to round them up before they can spread. Quarantine and research are the goals of this slime safari. Not much else is known about the quest itself, but these new slimes will surely make an impact on Far, Far Range. 

Along with the slimes, a Chicken Cloner, drone assistant, and various gadgets from Viktor have been added with this update.

Along with the free update, Monomi Park, the creators of Slime Rancher, is releasing its first ever paid DLC. The Secret Style Pack will be available for purchase on June 18 on PC, with the console release coming shortly after.

For those who purchase the DLC, they can find new treasure pods around Far, Far Range that will contain new styles for your slimes. These styles allow the slimes to adopt the appearance of other slimes, such as Angelic Slime showing off their inner Phosphor Slime. 

While the paid DLC is purely cosmetic, it is taking fans by storm as they experiment with decking out their slimes. Are you looking forward to styling your slimes?


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Published Jun. 5th 2019

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