The Last of Us TV Series Can't Start Filming Yet

There's a good reason why production is on hold for The Last of Us' TV adaptation, though.

We reported on The Last of Us TV series last week when it was first announced, and we mentioned there's currently no set date for filming or release. Now, the show's director, Craig Mazin, says The Last of Us series is on hold until The Last of Us Part 2 is finished.

Mazin made the comment in his Scriptnotes podcast, as picked up by IGN.

There's a very good reason for the hold as well. Neil Druckmann is the show's creative director and co-writer, and he serves in the same capacities for the acclaimed post-apocalyptic survival game's sequel. It makes sense Druckmann can't work on the narratives for both at the same time, especially when there's a chance the TV series will include content from TLoU2.

Mazin said:

We've been talking about it for months and coming up with little plans and things. But we're going to dig in in full, full earnest pretty soon, just as soon as they wrap up their final work on the sequel.

He also mentioned his role in convincing Druckmann to ditch the movie approach for The Last of Us and give it the length and treatment it deserves.

It is about the development of a relationship over the course of a long journey, so it has to be to be a television show and that's that. That's the way I see it. Happily, Neil agreed and HBO was delighted, and so here we are.

The Last of Us Part 2 is set for a May 28 release date, so it won't be too long before production can start on the television series, all things being equal.

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Published Mar. 11th 2020

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