Prison Architect Expansion Out Today, Another Coming in June

Prison Architect's Cleared for Transfer expansion is out on PC today, and its next expansion Island Bound is coming out for PC and console in June.

Those who own Prison Architect on PC can get their hands on the new and free Cleared for Transfer expansion, but that's not the only content update the folks over at Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven have in store for fans this year.

Paradox have announced the upcoming Island Bound expansion coming to both consoles and PC on June 11.

Island Bound will allow you to manage an island prison, complete with sea and air transport for goods and inmates, a new checkpoint system, and the ability to customize your island prisons with water features and linking islands together.

This all sounds great in conjunction with the features of the Cleared for Transfer expansion, which is launching on PC today.

Owners of Prison Architect on PC can launch the game today and try their hand at the new Cleared for Transfer expansion, which offers new features in the game's security sector system.

Inmates will be able to be moved up or down security sectors due to their merits or demerits, and players will be able to manage inmates' security sectors directly.

Along with all this, The Bucket content update is landing today to add over 20 new customization items for your prisons.

Cleared for Transfer and The Bucket can be downloaded today on Steam, while Island Bound will be seeing a simultaneous launch on console and PC on June 11.

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Published May. 13th 2020

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