Halo Miniatures Game Coming From Spartan Miniatures

Spartan Miniatures, known for their space game Firestorm Armada, will be releasing a Halo Miniatures game in 2015.

Spartan Games, known for their futuristic space combat game, Firestorm: Armada has announced they have the license from Microsoft to produce a tabletop miniatures game for Halo

The Halo universe has been expanded through comics, video games, movies, and other formats for nearly thirteen years. It's only fitting that a franchise would make its way to the tabletop again. Halo has seen the tabletop before with its version of Risk and a Heroclix game by Wizkids, but this will be the first
miniatures-based game for Halo where there isn't a pre-set game board. 

picture from Spartan Press release.

Spartan Games is a six-year-old company that has created several games in its short history. They have produced a steampunk naval combat game called Dystopian Wars, a spaceship combat game Firestorm: Armada, and a ground based game, Firestorm: Planetfall. It is currently unknown if the new Halo games will share rules with these already established games, but Halo should see both space and ground combat according to Creative Director, Neil Fawcett,

Our design team are huge fans of Halo and this opportunity is the icing on the cake for them. After six years of successfully creating our own games and models, we can now work with Microsoft to bring epic Halo spaceship battles to gaming tables around the world. And if that's not enough, we're making fast and furious ground combat games as well. Hard to tell what is more exciting: invading Reach with our Covenant Fleet or assaulting ground defenses with Spartans and UNSC Marines.

picture from Spartan Press release.

If you're interested in checking out what some of the Halo models might look like, check out their gallery page to see some of their Firestorm models.


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Published Feb. 10th 2015

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