Streets of Rage 4 Patch Brings Massive Adjustments, Custom Survival Mode

2020's GOTY Streets of Rage 4 has just received a new update with a tremendous amount of tweaks and additions.

It seems as if publisher Dotemu isn't entirely finished with Streets of Rage 4. In a surprise update today, the incredible brawler just received a large update that adds new co-op moves, a custom survival mode, and over 300 small improvements and tweaks to character moves and game balance.

While not a substantial new content update, it does give veteran players a reason to dive into the game for the umpteenth time.


Coinciding with a 50% off sale on all digital platforms, Streets of Rage 4's latest update brings some new combo opportunities for players to explore. Much like the classic Genesis installments, you can now throw your co-op partner to initiate an aerial attack that is unique to your character. This gives you some more options in dealing with certain foes.

The largest addition is custom variables for Survival mode. Added as part of the "Mr. X Nightmare" DLC, survival mode tasks players with playing through an endless amount of waves of different enemy configurations. Instead of going with the default randomized layout, players can now tweak settings to produce things such as "Boss Only" runs or start at a specific level to kick off the action sooner.

Following all of that are a tremendous amount of tweaks and changes to each character's health pools, damage output, and speed. There are far too many changes here to list out, but every character in the roster has seen some kind of change. You can find the full list of changes over on the Steam Community forums. It applies to all versions of the game.

Featured image via Dotemu


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Published Mar. 10th 2023

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