Pokemon Go not releasing in other countries till server issues are fixed

Server issues affecting Pokemon Go have delayed the release in more countries.

Pokemon Go has had a weird release week. First, the game was made available to the public in Australia and New Zealand, out of the blue, on Tuesday, followed by a US Release the following day.

Since then, the iOS game has been riddled with numerous bugs, crashes, and server issues, that many found some short term fixes for. Some of these fixes require you to do things like turn off the GPS on your phone, closing all apps and restarting your phone, and much more. 

To say that launch week has been a mess would be putting it likely, and developer Niantic Labs knows this and will not be launching the game in more regions until these issues have been fixed. Speaking with Business Insider, Niantic's CEO John Hanke said that releasing the game in countries like the United Kingdom and the Netherlands is "paused until we're comfortable."

He even said Niantic has already made great strides in fixing the problem, with "a great run" of server availability on Thursday evening.

While not uncommon for an online game to have some server issues, we hope to see Pokemon Go get better as the days go by.

Published Jul. 9th 2016

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