Karma Rework is Official and Close!

Karma's rework is close, and she's not only getting an overhaul of her abilities but also a completely new classic skin.

Riot regularly updates and reworks their older champions to keep them visually appealing and to improve the overall design of champions that have builds which are either problematic or impossible to balance.  Gangplank and Soraka are excellent examples of the former, while Evelynn and Twitch are examples of the latter.  Now we get both in the same champion, and she's one of my favorites in the League of Legends.

Karma's rework has been hinted at for a long time.  Her kit has a few design issues, most notably that her healing is effectively useless because making it any stronger would be too strong for a coordinated team since it is an AoE.  It also never helps when one of your skills is as difficult to use in any truly powerful way as her Spirit Bond, and Riot doesn't like when a given skill has no reason to be leveled before any other.

Recently there was an image leaked of the Ionian champion on the Taiwan League of Legends forum.  That image has since been confirmed as being the new Karma.  Not a new Karma skin, but the new classic.  The splash art at the top of the page is going to be the new default look.

Riot decided that while they were working over her mechanics that they wanted to make her aesthetic fit better with lore behind her.  They're taking away the fans and instead turning Karma into a more determined representation of the fierce will of the Ionian people, the representative leader that they always wanted her to be.

As a bonus that old Karma veterans like myself can enjoy, those who already own Karma when the rework goes live will receive a special skin designed after her original appearance, and the display of that skin also reveals a bit about how her Mantra works now, based on the normal and glowing versions of her eyes and hands.

She looks awesome, and I'm practically holding my breath waiting to see exactly what she actually does in actual League of Legends game play.  She has not hit the Public Beta Environment yet, though, so patience is a virtue we must all exercise... even if I don't wanna.

Published Mar. 8th 2013
  • Wokendreamer
    Featured Columnist
    I'm going to miss her old look, but I'm liking the new one. I'll probably keep using the new version of her original look anyway. I'm very curious to see how they're redoing her Mantra, because I don't feel like they'd change her look so that they were taking -away- a visual cue. That seems backwards compared to everything else.
  • Ashley Gill
    Associate Editor
    If I didn't hate LoL these days, I'd be super excited. Kind of sad they're getting rid of her old look, though. It's simple, sophisticated, and displays her mantra charges. The new look sucks, in my opinion.
  • GS_Mike
    This is really cool. I've always like Karma, but never really got the hang of playing her. I can't wait to check her out when she is redone.

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