Battleborn featured on PSN Flash Sale

Only one game is featured in PSN's newest Flash Sale; Battleborn. Get it at this discounted price while you can!

Only one game has been featured in PSN's latest flash saleBattleborn.

Battleborn is 2K and Gearbox Studio's latest offering, a first-person MOBA featuring several unique characters, plenty of action and as with Gearbox's famous Borderlands series, tons of loot. 

Right now the standard digital version of Battleborn is $26.99 (50% off). There is also a Digital Deluxe edition available at a discounted price of $29.99 (60% off). The Digital Deluxe edition comes pre-loaded with the Season Pass, which grants access to all new characters as they are released. Unfortunately if you already own the base game, you won't be able to pick up the Season Pass at a discount. It's still priced at $19.99. 

Gearbox has also released some information on its newest playable character "Pendles" who will be available for play starting August 4th at 9am PDT. He will be available to those without a Season Pass for the price of 47,500 credits. 

Here is some information on this new character straight from Gearbox:

A cold-blooded killer, Pendles hails from the same water-world as Alani, Akopos. As most adolescent Roa do, Pendles left home to explore and learn about other cultures. Completely unimpressed with these new learnings, Pendles found more enjoyment in murdering those cultures. Even better, people would pay him for his new found hobby. Don’t let his sweet pair of sneakers fool you. This assassin will sneak up behind you, poison you, eviscerate you with duel kamas, then slink away again in a blink of his one remaining eye.

The "Lootpocalypse" event has also been extended until July 25 at 8am PDT with legendary drop rates being increased more than ever before. 

This latest Flash Sale period runs from July 22 - July 25 at 8am PT/11am ET. So get on it while you can! 

While these discounts are certainly great to see, it is also rather interesting how far the price has dropped on Battleborn since its release a couple months ago. Have any thoughts as to why that is? Any comments on the new character coming out? Let me know in the comment box!


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Published Jul. 24th 2016

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