Facebook Game of the Week: Infernals Heroes of Hell

Facebook games have a bad rep but Infernals: Heroes of Hell deserves a play through!

For the past couple years, I have found myself competing in the ranked world of League of Legends. I've been constantly struggling getting out of Silver V, screaming at the screen, "no way did they escape!" Slamming my mouse down on the table when I accidentally shot my ultimate in the opposite direction, and have finally realized that I just needed to take a "break". And what I mean by a "break", is simply only playing a couple matches a day rather than 6-10.

Anyways, I took on a mission of finding the most exciting Facebook RPGs that could draw my attention away and for the last week, I found my first one; Infernals: Heroes of Hell. Oh by the way, yes I did say Facebook games. Even though they have a bad rep from a few gamers due to many games needing "energy" to advance, they can still be fun.

Infernals: Heroes of Hell, interface, thud, level up

Anyways, Infernals: Heroes of Hell is an RPG where you assemble different classes of heroes, all with different spells, abilities, and stats and take them on a side scrolling tactical real-time battle adventure. Through each stage, players will have the option of selecting a skill to use against the enemies or just let the game do its own thing using the "Auto" button. But that's no fun!

After each battle, players will receive some awards. Awards can include gems (purchase new champions), amulets/trinkets (equip to your champions), coins ( purchase in-game items), scrolls (summon champions and skull to promote champions), and much more.

Infernals: Heroes of Hell, battle, fight

And yes, this game does require potions (energy) to advance in the game, which is no problem considering they refresh over time. Though the best thing about it is that you max out at 20 potions right away and each stage you complete, only cost 1 potion. However, each stage if you build your group properly, will probably only take about 30-45 seconds to complete.

But of course, like every great RPG out there, you must have a ranked fighting system. And wouldn't ya know, this game has one. Join the "Fighting Pits" and take on ranks of opposing players who have a set up that auto fights you like regular minions would. It may sound easy, but the higher you rank up, the more people you find that have super high level star characters that are pretty much immune to everything you throw at them.

Infernals: Heroes of Hell, battle, fight, combat

Overall, Infernals: Heroes of Hell is an incredible, time consuming RPG that allows a player to just relax and have fun. It gave me a little bit of that nostalgia feeling, but with crazy 3D graphics.

Stay tuned to my page on Gameskinny next week as I will be show off the next best Facebook RPG.

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Facebook games have a bad rep but Infernals: Heroes of Hell deserves a play through!
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Published Apr. 4th 2017

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