This weekend only: unlimited access to GHTV on-demand

Guitar Hero Live offers a a full weekend of free, unlimited access to the GHTV on-demand song catalog.

The official Guitar Hero Twitter page has announced that on this coming weekend, starting Friday, November 6th, the entire GHTV on-demand song catalog in Guitar Hero Live will be unlimited and free of charge. 

Usual circumstances force players to use "Plays" if they want to play a specific music video on GHTV. Plays are rewarded to players when they level up, or can be bought with real currency. Another way players usually gain access to the on-demand song catalog is by purchasing a party pass - a 24-hour unlimited access package - for real currency. 

This coming weekend would be a poor time to buy a party pass, however, as Activision is providing a free, unlimited access weekend. 

I would surmise that Guitar Hero's sudden generosity stems from upcoming competition with a huge game release this Friday, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. However, Black Ops 3 and Guitar Hero Live are both Activision productions. 

Tune in to GHTV this Friday to get a start on the unlimited access weekend.


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Published Nov. 4th 2015

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