The Minecraft Movie Will Be Coming in 2019

We learn when the Minecraft movie is coming out and speculate which title it will be based off of

Minecraft is possibly one of the most popular games of all time, and its popularity continues to skyrocket with its most recent title for the Wii U. Minecraft was originally released for the PC back in 2009. The game was developed Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson, and has since been developed and published by Mojang.  Fans of the series will soon experience what they love about the games on the big screen in the near future.

Mojang announced today that the Minecraft movie will be released May 24, 2019 in both IMAX and 3D. Though it may seem like a long time before the film comes out, Mojang wants to make the film “completely awesome”.

It’s likely that the movie will be based on the spin-off, Minecraft: Story Mode, developed by Telltale Games and originally released in December 2014. In Minecraft: Story Mode, the player controls Jesse, who sets out on a journey with their friends to find the Order of the Stone in order to save the world.

More news will be coming in the future, so stay tuned! If you're playing Minecraft in the meantime, check out all our awesome Minecraft seeds for even more building fun.

[Source Images: Header Image, Minecraft: Story Mode]

Published Jun. 10th 2020

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