League of Legends Championship Series Lineup Established

All 16 teams for the LCS have been selected from both North America and Europe. The Season starts on February 7.

The Season Three League of Legends Championship Series has already gotten off to a sometimes explosive, sometimes surprising start.  All 16 teams have been chosen from the top teams of last season and the teams that proved their worth in the qualifying tournaments this preseason--eight teams each from North America and Europe.

North America had its top three teams from last season as TSM, Dignitas, and CLG.na all waiting to see who would join them, and they didn't have to wait long to find out.  The teams that wound up making it through the grueling qualifier (streamed live) and were still standing when the dust settled were: Good Game University, Team FeaR, Curse Gaming, Team MRN, and The Brunch Club.

The European qualifier followed soon after, with some surprising upsets; most notably Team LoL Pro, the renamed Curse.EU, being the first team eliminated where they were expected to breeze through.  Joining M5.BENQ, SK Gaming, and the former CLG.EU (now owned by Evil Geniuses) from the European live qualifier will be: Dragonborns, Fnatic, Copenhagen Wolves, GIANTS! Gaming, and aAa.

The next stage begins on February 7, 2013 when the actual Season begins.  Stay tuned, League of Legends and the LCS are going to be exciting this year in e-sports!



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Published Jun. 28th 2013

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