Blasphemous Release Date Confirmed, New Trailer Released

The extremely dark and punishing 2D action platformer will drop digitally September 10 for PC and consoles.

The retro 2D action platformer renaissance continues, as it looks like both Dark Devotion and Death's Gambit are about to get some serious competition from a new Metroidvania offering.

Blasphemous  another bleak and beautifully pixelated excursion into hardcore action platforming is now slated to land next month on PC and consoles for $24.99.

If the game's title didn't tip you off, the new screenshot below seems to indicate things are about to get even more messed up than either of those aforementioned bleak Souls-like 2D games.

 ...that little tyke isn't messing around!

Developed by Spanish team The Game Kitchen and published through Team17 (known for launching The Escapists, Overcooked 2, and various Worms titles), Blasphemous offers up a seriously twisted pixel hellscape where players take on the role of The Penitent One on a quest to defeat The Miracle.

As The Penitent One, players will wield the mystical Mea Culpa sword, which can be upgraded to unlock brutal new attacks against a horde of bloodthirsty and demonic force.

The Game Kitchen's Chief Executive Officer Mauricio García also issued this statement to fans who have been following the game's development:

As we put the final finishing touches to what will be an unrelenting experience for players, we’re really proud to be in a position to confirm the September 10 release date for Blasphemous.

We know the game has been highly anticipated for some time, and we can’t wait to unleash The Penitent One on their perilous journey in just a few weeks’ time.

Blasphemous is due to drop as a digital download for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC on September 10.

You can follow the latest on the game on Facebook, and be sure to check out a freshly launched teaser trailer showcasing the Blasphemous visual aesthetic and gameplay style below.

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Published Aug. 19th 2019

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