The two Black Ops 3 multiplayer maps we're most excited for

There are plenty of new maps in Black Ops 3, but these two in particular caught our attention.

Let's not kid ourselves here, everyone is more excited about the multiplayer component of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 than they are for the single-player campaign, which tends to be a bit bland. Now, that may change with this year's release, but more people are going to be spending their time online than anything else.

But where will they spend that time? Why, in the new multiplayer maps, of course! There are quite a few new ones to choose from, and you can easily bet developer Treyarch has a couple map packs planned for post-release content; though those will cost you.

For now, however, you can enjoy the vanilla maps. Personally, we're most excited for these two:


Redwood was, single-handedly, the most interesting multiplayer map announced for Black Ops 3. Set in the Redwood Forest in California, USA, players will be racing through the massive, towering trees, jumping along the trunks, and shooting from behind the cover of upturned roots.

Of course, with the addition of player swimming and underwater shooting, the map would not be complete without the addition of an underwater path for everyone to access. It will be interesting to see how this plays out within the forested map, though we suspect a river or two will be accessible to the players.


Withheld as a pre-order bonus, this year's version of Nuk3town has a futuristic update and more modern coloring on the fan-favorite map. This time, the multiplayer arena is set in the year 2065, and has been redesigned completely. The entire focus has been on player momentum, which ties into the new movement system of Black Ops 3.

The two open homes on either side of the street appear quite different, with rounded rooftops, hover-cars in the driveway, and glass fronts for shooting through.

Anyone who played Nuketown 2025 should feel at home, but it is only going to be made available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

These are only two of the new maps, but will probably be where you find this particular writer upon release of the game. 

Which map are you most excited for?

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Published Nov. 1st 2015

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