Destiny Beta to Come First to Playstation Users

Bungie creator announces that upcoming next-gen title Destiny will come to Playstation users first through Early Access.

Bungie previously announced that if you pre-order their upcoming shooter, Destiny, you could get an early access to the game's beta. Tonight at the PS4 Launch event, Bungie announced that they were going to give first access to Playstation users. 

Bungie has been giving a lot of talk in the lead up to their next big launch, claiming that this title will revolutionize the shooter the way that Halo did in the last generation. The previous offer to give away early access to the beta was clearly sweetening the pot to attract gamers and potential fans. 

With this new announcement, Bungie is also in a sense allying itself with its former console rival, Sony. 

No word yet on whether the restrictions on the early access still hold. If so, you will need to purchase the game from a participating retailer: Amazon (US and UK), Best Buy (US), Gamestop (US) , Walmart (US), Smyths (UK), Tesco (UK), or Blockbuster (UK). Luckily that includes about 95% of large-scale gaming retailers. 

The announcement did include both the PS3 and PS4 crowd. 

Are you excited about Bungie's latest announcement? Sound off in the comments below. 

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Published Nov. 15th 2013

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