Welcome to Limbo: A Cryptic Dark Souls Mod

Revamp your Dark Souls journey with this eerie new mod everyone's talking about

After experimenting with the Reshade mod for Dark Souls, Reddit user CystisomaMagna happened upon this eerie aestheitc for the game. The user enhanced the depth which altered the enviornment in a completely odd, yet pleasing way. With a monochromatic color scheme, the depth alters as you go near or far from objects within the game. The mod will not effect the game's HUD but it is also possible to remove the HUD entirely for an extra challenge. 

The newly adjusted depth makes Dark Souls resemble the 2D side scrolling platformer, Limbo. Limbo is strictly grayscale as well with minimal sounds, creating an eerie atmosphere. The resemblance is actually pretty uncanny, so it's no surprise that this new mod was deemed fit to be called Limbo by fans. 

YouTube user, Lobos Jr, posted a few videos about the mod online. Including one that instructs users how to install this mod onto their PC. Check out a quick runthrough of the mod below:

This gray scale mod has the essence of the Tale of the Three Brothers from Harry Potter, if you ask me. It is both mysterious and creepy, but in all the right ways. If Dark Souls wasn't difficult for you already, this new mod may be what you needed to amp up your experience. 

Will you explore Lordran in this eerie new context? Let me know your thoughts below!


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Source reddit.com
Published Jul. 18th 2015

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