Transistor Soundtrack Review: Full Soundtrack Stream

Listen to the full Transistor soundtrack online right here, and read our review of it too (if you're so inclined)

First things first - shoutout to Supergiant Games for uploading a full version of their glorious Transistor soundtrack to YouTube where we can all enjoy it. If you love the music as much as we did, you can support them by buying the music or the game

Now Then, About this Soundtrack

Darren Korb has outdone himself yet again

Supergiant's last hit, Bastion, set the bar sky-high for solid game soundtracks, but Darren Korb has outdone himself yet again - this time creating a moody, smooth sea of sounds that carry listeners seamlessly into Red's world using a mix of vocal and instrumental pieces.  

Moving Vocals

Just rare enough to leave you wanting more

Ashley Barrett has a fantastic voice; gritty, flexible, and full of depth. Given a tool that powerful there's surely an urge to apply it liberally, but of 23 tracks, only five feature vocals. Exercising restraint pays off in the Transistor soundtrack - big time. Using vocals sparingly (presumably as Red) throughout  makes the lyrical pieces stand out all the more.

While it's easy to get lost in the general experience of the instrumentals, vocals cut in just often enough to prevent listeners from forgetting that there's a powerful voice behind the character and the songs.

Masterful Instrumental Pieces

But it's not all about the words

The vocal arrangements shine, but the instrumental pieces hold their own as well. As a body of work, the instrumental pieces progress listeners through the hour long musical journey - alternately building tension and providing respite from suspense along the way.


Give it a listen, I think you'll be glad you did

If you've heard the music of Bastion, I don't need to encourage you, but for those who aren't already converts to the sounds of Supergiant - give this soundtrack a shot. If you enjoy jazz, techno, or just plain old-fashioned good music, I think your ears are in for a treat.

Our Rating
Listen to the full Transistor soundtrack online right here, and read our review of it too (if you're so inclined)

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Published Dec. 12th 2014

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