6 Spooky Minecraft Skins for Halloween

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Minecraft's simple graphics style has been the best the best template for creative types across the world to come up with a cornucopia of skins for every aspect of the game. Halloween is just around the corner, so it's time to take a look at some spooky skins for your player character. 


Starting off strong, the mythical Minecraft figure, Herobrine, is available as a skin. The story of Herobrine is pretty popular among Minecraft players, but that doesn't make him any less creepy. If the basic Herobrine isn't doing it for you, there are a ton of variations to the look including bloody and ghost versions.

Take a look at the most popular Herobrine skins.


Five Nights at Freddy's 

Five Night's at Freddie's popularity exploded shortly after its release, so you would guess that people would make some awesome Minecraft skins, right? 

That's exactly what happened, and you can now find the entire FNaF crew available for download. Now you can dress up as some of the most horrifying animatronics to ever grace your computer screen. 

Take a look at the most popular Five Nights at Freddie's skins.



Slenderman definitely feels like one of the older monsters of the internet nowadays, but just because he's been around the block doesn't mean he can't still bring the scares. There are a couple variations to the Slenderman skins for Minecraft, but they're all very minor changes. The overall aesthetic remains, and honestly who doesn't want to dress up as a teleporting faceless monstrosity in a suit.

Check out all of the different Slenderman styles to find your favorite.

Grim Reaper 

This is one of my favorites. The Grim Reaper skins have one the biggest variety in their designs, from simple cloaked figures to floating specters. Most of the Grim Reapers look super intimidating and a lot of them have decorative scythes included in their designs. They're not the kind of thing that I'd want to run into in a dark cave. 

Check out all the different variations of the Grim Reaper skins.


A classic Halloween costume, the ghosts of Minecraft are bit more intense than just throwing a sheet over your head and running around yelling "Boo!". There are some pretty sweet specter style ghosts, as well as simpler grayscale color changes. But even the simplest ghost skin is a million times scarier than the basic Minecraft skins. 

Don't let the cliche nature of being a ghost on Halloween deter you. Check out all of the ghost skins.


With the recent reboot of Stephen King's IT, it would be irresponsible of me to not mention that Minecraft skins are not lacking in the creepy clown department. There are plenty of variations to the Pennywise design, but they're mostly minor changes that have more to do with the amount of detail shown.

You can check out the Pennywise skins and decide for yourself which is the scariest.

Hopefully, this list has shown you some of the awesome costumes to spice up your Minecraft Halloween. These are some of our favorite spooky skins, but there are thousands of skins for Minecraft. Let us know your favorites in the comments below! 

Published Oct. 28th 2017


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