Outcast Remake Confirmed as Outcast: Second Contact

Outcast: Second Contact is being developed by Appeal and published by Bigben Interactive, as a remake of the original.

After a Kickstarter attempt in 2014 failed to materialise, Outcast, a critically acclaimed 1999 Action Adventure video game has recently been announced to be receiving a remake. Appeal, the Belgian developers behind the original, are confirmed to be developing the remake, with Bigben Interactive, a French publisher, providing funding.

What is known so far regarding the game?

The developers plan to keep the remake as closely as possible to the original, with details such as artificial intelligence, story, characters and general gameplay remaining unchanged. All technical aspects will be completely redone from scratch, including animations, character models and environments; according to the announcement, the plan is to re-implement all these technical aspects up to today's standards, with shiny modern frame rates and high-definition visuals. Additionally, all soundtracks and voice acting will be remastered.

All improvements will be recreated within a modern polygonal engine, with some minor enhancements and additions, although the developer hasn't specifically detailed what these enhancements and additions entail. The developers have also mentioned they will be making certain the game will feature the aesthetic and feel of the original as closely as possible.

According to the announcement, The name Outcast: Second Contact was chosen because of two meanings. The first, was chosen because of the protagonist, Cutter Slade's mission to Adelpha. First contact was the name of the unmanned mission to Adelpha before the protagonist arrived there later on. Additionally, the title associates itself with the player's impending second contact with the Outcast universe and the planet of Adelpha.

What to expect in the near future?

According to the official press release and a German forum fan-made video, we can expect some screenshots of the remake fairly soon, with a trailer apparently a little soon after that. There is optimism from the developers that, if this is a successful remake, there could potentially be a sequel; the developer's have continually mentioned that this is the first step to, what they believe, is the revival of the Outcast franchise.

Outcast: Second Contact is planned for release in early 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Could this be a successful remake and could it result in sequels? What do you think?

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Published May. 31st 2016

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