Deadpool Silently Removed from Digital Distributors

Activision has taken out every Marvel game from the digital environment, leaving only retail copies available to the public.

Thanks to NeoGAF user Delusibeta, it has been brought to our attention that Activision's Deadpool has mysteriously disappeared from Steam, PSN, and Xbox Live.

According to a tweet by Activision’s community manager, Dan Amrich, the game is officially gone for good, along with a rather lengthy list of victims of the same fate:

  • Spider-Man: Friend or Foe
  • Spider-Man: Web of Shadows
  • Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions
  • Spider-Man: Edge of Time
  • X-Men: The Official Game
  • X-Men Destiny
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine

As you can see on that Facebook post mentioned in the tweet, this was actually announced on December 21st; however, it didn't get all the attention it needed.

If you are a PC gamer, you should look out for the very few remaining Steam codes via Amazon and Gamefly; but that’s about it, so if you want to have this game in your library, I suggest you go and get one of these codes as soon as possible before they run out.

Nothing has been said about retail copies, so you might still be able to get retail copies of these games. They may not be making additional copies of these games either. 

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Published Jan. 2nd 2014
  • Big Chief 1
    Featured Correspondent
    Deadpool was a fun and creative game. Come to think, I almost bought it on Steam before I knew it was going to disappear. It's a shame to see it go.
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    But it's a fun game? I've been playing it recently, and it's just the right amount of awesome? I don't get why they'd take it down.
  • JohnHeatz
    Featured Correspondent
    my guess is that this situation isn't happening due to low sales or anything of that sort, but due to the rights from Activision, Marvel, and Disney getting together...seeing how most of Marvel games are disappearing, that's the most suitable guess I can think of
  • Stephanie Tang
    Featured Columnist
    Booooo. Deadpool was hilarious fun, just to play through and listen. :/ Maybe it'll make a comeback? I remember Sacred II was gone for ages and then one mystical day it hit the digital Steam shelves again.
  • JohnHeatz
    Featured Correspondent
    I don't think it'll be getting any comeback. Probably all this is due to Marvel Entertainment being acquired by Disney, that's what I guess, as even Capcom removed the MvC game

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