Will Ghost of Tsushima Legends Cost You Any Extra Brown Bags?

Sucker Punch clarifies its stance on Ghost of Tsushima Legends microtransactions.

After recently announcing a free Ghost of Tsushima multiplayer mode called Ghost of Tsushima Legends, Sucker Punch further clarified plans for GoT Legends pricing. The update itself is free and, as the developers recently told IGN, there will be no microtransactions.

The question of whether Ghost of Tsushima Legends would include microtransactions arises not so much from the announcement itself, but from what was left unsaid. For example, the Legends trailer shows off the four character classes' specific costumes and promises a future update with additional content.

Cosmetics and costumes are often vehicles for introducing microtransactions, to the point where people naturally expect additional cosmetics to come with a price tag.

But everything in Ghost of Tsushima Legends is and will be free. The initial update is a free download for anyone who owns Ghost of Tsushima, while any other cosmetics or what-have-you will be unlocked solely through regular gameplay.

If you're still on the fence about Ghost of Tsushima, check out why we praised its "fun combat...wonderfully designed world, and top-notch sound design" in our GoT review.

[Source: IGN]


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Published Aug. 19th 2020

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