Max Mushrooms Pokemon Isle of Armor Guide

Our Max Mushroom Pokemon guide will show how to find the 'shrooms you're looking for on the Isle of Armor.

Once you meet Mustard at the Isle of Armor's Dojo in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor, you're tasked with a number of trials. Trial 2 of the Expansion Pass DLC is finding Pokemon Max Mushrooms to make Max Soup, a special concoction that lets Pokemon turn into Gigantamax versions of themselves.

But the Isle of Armor isn't small, and knowing how and where to find Max Mushrooms can be a bit difficult, especially after the trial is over.

That's why we've put together our Max Mushrooms Pokemon Isle of Armor strategy guide, which includes how to find the Mushrooms, the team rosters for Klara/Avery, and when and where Mushrooms respawn.

Max Mushrooms Pokemon Isle of Armor Guide

Meeting Mustard at the Isle of Armor Dojo before being sent to find Max Mushrooms.

Luckily, the Max Mushrooms you're looking for are clustered together in the same place, making your trip across the island more bearable. Make sure to put your team in order, though. There's a fight on your hands once you get to the Mushrooms.

The Mushrooms are in the Warm-Up Tunnel near the Training Lowlands. If you don't know how to get there, the directions are below. 

How to Get to the Warm-Up Tunnel in Isle of Armor

Head out of the Dojo. Go northwest into the Soothing Swamp. Keep going north, but stick to the western side of the swamp. The eastern exit leads you somewhere else.

Eventually, you'll enter the Forest of Focus. Immediately take the bridge to your left, then stick to the river. Keep the river to your right and go left at the next fork

Keep going. Cross the next bridge. You'll enter the Training Lowlands. Go down the incline to your left and make your way to the tunnel at the northern end of the Lowlands.

This is the Warm-Up Tunnel. Keep on the main tunnel path, and you'll find a cluster of Max Mushrooms near the end. But you can't get them just yet.

Pokemon Isle of Armor Klara/Avery Battle Tips

You'll have to fight either Avery or Klara in the Wind-Up Tunnel to get the Max Mushrooms.

Before you get your paws on the Max Mushrooms, Klara or Avery appear, depending on which version of the game you're playing. 

It's not completely clear exactly how their level scaling works at this point, if at all, but the general consensus is that their team levels are in the low 60s, even if your team is in the 40s or at 100.

Luckily, you won't have to worry about many Pokemon types in this battle; there aren't any fighting type or grass type Pokemon to deal with, for example. We've listed the levels and types below, four out of six being psychic, and the other two poison. 

Klara's Pokemon List

  • Galarian Slowpoke — Level 62 Psychic Type
  • Koffing (regular) — Level 62 Poison Type
  • Whirlipede — Level 63 Bug/Poison Type

Avery's Pokemon List

  • Galarian Slowpoke — Level 62 Psychic Type
  • Woobat — Level 62 Psychic/Flying Type
  • Kadabra — Level 63 Psychic Type

Both typings have plenty of weaknesses, so these shouldn't give you too much trouble. Psychic's weaknesses are Ghost and Dark, while Poison is weak to Ground and Psychic.

Max Mushroom Respawns

After the battle, you'll be able to grab the cluster of three Max Mushrooms and go through the ritual of making Max Soup back at the dojo.

You're told your rival found some mushrooms, too, but don't be fooled. There's only one place to find Max Mushrooms, and it's where you found the first bunch.

An NPC tells you they mysteriously re-appear after Max Raid battles happen. So far, the track record with that is a bit iffy. Some players report that they do indeed reappear, while others are saying it hasn't actually happened yet. We'll update this guide with any new information about Max Mushrooms that comes out.

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Published Jun. 19th 2020

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