Massive Chalice Pre-Production Design Talk With Double Fine

Double Fine's Brad Muir talks Massive Chalice design with John Swisshelm.

The Massive Chalice Kickstarter project began a little over a week ago and has already been funded, showing that Double Fine has yet again proven that they know how to utilize the Kickstarter platform very well.

While doing my rounds as a seasoned denizen of the internet, I noticed that Double Fine updated their campaign with a new Developer talk.

Some of the topics that Brad Muir and John Swisshelm discuss include:

  • Skills and class systems
  • New game variation/ replayability
  • Play length
  • Gaming influences
  • Psychological effects of battle


Did you watch the talk all the way through? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.


Illustrator and Concept artist that enjoys writing and beating you at video games.

Published Jun. 6th 2013

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