With Frenemies Like These... Europa Universalis IV Launches YouTube Comedy Mini-Series And Player Content Contest

Six friends, a copy of Europa Universalis IV, and a missing "casus belli".

Paradox Interactive, publishers of acclaimed world-building strategy series, Europa Universalis, unleash a new comedy mini-series on YouTube this week, Frenemies, which takes a humorous and somewhat sobering look at how multiplayer can ruin lives and friendships.

More brutal than a holiday game of Monopoly, but just as devious, it will be interesting to see how these six friends, soon to be adversaries, will cope as the season draws on. Full of cheeky cultural stereotypes and knowing gaming jokes, even if it doesn't make you buy the game, it'll certainly make you chuckle.

Rewrite Others' Histories!

As well as the YouTube mini-series, there is also an ongoing competition, the "Rewrite History Contest", where player-created custom events can make it officially into the game as part of the next official patch. The most popular suggestions voted for via the forums, will mean certain players can have a direct influence on how their friends rewrite Europe's history, as well as their own.

Europa Universalis IV is available to buy now. For more information about the "Rewrite History Contest", visit http://forum.paradoxplaza.com

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Published Sep. 22nd 2013

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