Tahm Kench is now available - and he's pretty OP

Tahm Kench, League of Legends latest champion. Already demonstrating his abilities, will nerfs be on the way for The River King?

Tahm Kench, the latest champion released on League of Legends. Already players have flocked to the store to purchase him.  Otherwise known as the River King, he has certain abilities. Tahm is able to swallow opponents, as well as teammates.

I've already had a personal run-in with Tahm Kench. In an unfortunate event, the teammate who was playing Tahm swallowed me and spat me out at the enemy spawn point, where the Nexus Obelisk attacked me and killed me instantly.  But that player went on to finish the match with over forty kills. Considering that the champion was only released two days ago, this player was able to amass a huge amount of kills.

The River King's primary role is a tank, while his secondary role is a support. Using items that increase armor, damage/ability power, and attack speed, this champion is a destructive force.

Tahm Kench, the River King, is currently on sale in the store for 975 Riot Points or 7800 Influence Points. A bundle called the Master Chef Tahm Kench Bundle is on sale for 1462 Riot Points until July 13. The bundle includes Tahm Kench and his Master Chef skin.



Published Jul. 11th 2015
  • calix_9895
    tahm kench is actually a good addition to LOL
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    You do not build damage on Tahm. He gains damage passively once he hits 6 by building health. Tahm's damage is all in his %health, his scalings aren't that great and his mana consumption is horrid. You generally want items such as RoA, Warmogs, and such for tank stats and passive damage. also, he's probably the most balanced champion that has come out in a long time. He has to beable to stick to a target to get 3 stacks to actually be able to use his utility, which is hard since he is rather slow. There likely won't be any nerfs for Tahm, if anything they might buff him.

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