11 Devastating Video Game Moments

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by MandieM
Mass Effect 3: The Death of Admiral Anderson

For many people, the death of Admiral Anderson was one of the saddest parts of Mass Effect 3. The death scene is paired with a strong speech that's difficult to digest for just about anyone. Really, most of the entire Mass Effect 3 game is a heartbreaking storyline full of disappointments.

Saddest Part In Fable 2

Note that this video is not the best, but it's the only one that exists on Youtube right now that isn't a camera phone of a monitor. At this point in Fable 2, your beloved dog sacrifices himself for you. Of all the characters in the entire damned plot, the dog was the worst to let go. 

The Last of Us - Giraffes!

This isn't necessarily sad, but I'll be damned if it wasn't a tearjerker. The Last of Us  is heartbreaking enough on its own. At this point in the game, they come upon an area that suddenly has a herd of giraffes parading through it. The gentle, beautiful creatures are a stark contrast to the surroundings, and encourage hope.

Final Fantasy VII : Aeris Death

For many die-hard RPG fans, Aeris' death remains the number one, all-time saddest death in video games. The heartbreak is palpable, even in the character "voice text." Be sure to read the text itself, although the video is pretty devastating, too.

World of Warcraft - Arthas Dies

This particular cutscene is emotional for a number of reasons. Firstly, it's devastating that Arthas had to be lost. This is also the period at which many die-hard WoWers said that the game began to go downhill, so it has an additional bittersweet attachment for WoW fans who enjoyed WotLK and BC best.

Tomb Raider - Lara's first kill

This particular scene has been the source of controversy and debate. Many initially believed that it would become a sexual assault scene, and some spoke out about the inappropriate nature of including sexual assault in video games. But the developers have stated that the scene was less about the sexual assault itself, and more about the fact that Lara was forced to make her first kill.

Shadow of the Colossus - Agro Falls!

Zoom to 1:45 for less backstory.

Yet another example of "kill everyone, but just leave my animal alone," this clip from the Shadow of the Colossus broke hearts everywhere. Your treasured horse, who is the only character that has been with you the entire game, stumbles over the edge in an attempt to save you, plummeting hundreds of feet to his apparent death. There's just something worse about animals dying in games and movies, and this is proof.

Gears of War 3 - Dom's Death Scene 

If you've seen the movie, Armageddon, you'll have some idea of what happens in this cutscene. Dom makes the critical choice to hold back the enemies while his friends escape, later ending his own life in sacrifice. This brought tears to even the most manly of gamers.

Heavy Rain - Ethan's Death

Heavy Rain was a difficult game all around. Unfortunately, because of the play style, many missed out on this excellent game because they believed that it had too little action. But much like text-based games, Heavy Rain was full of symbolism and emotion, laced with plenty of decision making. Ethan's death was easily one of the saddest moments in the game.

Fallout 3 - The Dead Family

Fallout 3 is known for many things--mostly humorous bugs and glitches. But every so often, the game throws a curve ball at you and tears your heart into two with a particularly sad situation. Finding the dead family and listening to their final broadcast is easily one of the worst. The desperation in the father's voice is really what sets it off.

To the Moon - All of It

Every last moment of To the Moon is an emotional rollercoaster. Known as one of 2014's most emotional games, To the Moon follows two doctors as they travel through the memories of a dying man. It's often emotional, sometimes heartbreaking, and always engaging. See the trailer above, but this is one that you should really play for yourself.

Published Feb. 28th 2014

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