What Does the New 3DS Have to Offer?

Check out why the "New" Nintendo 3DS is worth your time!

During the most recent Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that the United States would be getting their hands on the "New" Nintendo 3DS system. New features will make the system a must-have among the gaming elite, but some might ask why it's time for another 3DS. (And wasn't there anything else to name it other than "New" 3DS?)

Despite some doubts, the updated 3DS has a lot going for it - and by the looks of it, will phase out the original 3DS and the 3DS XL overtime.


One of the best features of the New 3DS is the modified 3D graphics. In the old days of the original 3DS, 3D imaging would become distorted when you moved the system. The new, face-tracking 3D technology will make gaming in 3D a snap. You'll be able to move the system quickly without distorting the 3D graphics.

The new system will have built-in NFC amiibo connectivity, so more 3DS games in the New 3DS era should have amiibo connectivity, which will be a plus.

The system will also run a lot faster than the original 3DS. Load times will be much faster, and games will look better on the system - thanks to the updated processor. The "New" 3DS will use a MicroSDHC memory card, which means more storage capabilities and the ability to transfer data wirelessly (my favorite feature). Having to take the memory card out the system will be a thing of the past!

It looks like the "New" 3DS will bring the 3DS into the future with the addition of better 3D sensors and amiibo connectivity. It will also have exclusive titles that will only be for the "New" 3DS. I'm fond of not having to take the memory card out of the system to load things online, as well as the better 3D. 2015 is looking good for Nintendo and the "New" 3DS is a nice start! Now, give me classic Pokémon with classic graphics and wi-fi and I'll be a happy trainer.


My name is Steve and I'm from New Jersey. Been a Nintendo fan for as long as I can remember and have enjoyed writing. Also a fan of the Devils/Jets/Mets.

Published Jan. 18th 2015

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