Cookie Jam Blast Celebrates National Cookie Day with Season of Cookies

Cookie Jam Blast's first annual Season of Cookies will bring select players' favorite cookies to the free-to-play mobile puzzle game throughout December.

'Tis the season of uncomfortably cold weather, presents, and, of course, cookies, and today, sweet-toothed individuals across the United States will celebrate with National Cookie Day. So too, fans of Cookie Jam Blast can now join in on the festivities, as the first annual "Season of Cookies" comes to the mobile puzzler.

Cookie Jam Blast is a free-to-play, match-3 puzzle game available for iOS and Android, and the "Season of Cookies" will be an opportunity for a select few to share their favorite recipes with the player base. That is, for the entirety of December, five Cookie Jam Blast players will have their favorite cookies "reimagined" and added as game pieces.

These special game pieces will be introduced every Thursday, and players will be able to access the recipes and learn more about the bakers through Cookie Jam Blast's Facebook page. The first seasonal game piece is a peanut butter cookie from New York-based player, Cindy Dutton. 

"I'm so excited to share my family's favorite cookie featured in my go-to game, for all my fellow players to enjoy," Dutton said about her participation in Cookie Jam Blast's first "Season of Cookies."

National Cookie Day was created by the Blue Chip Cookie Company's Matt Nader in 1987, and, considering that seven billion chocolate chip cookies are eaten every year in the United States, there are certain to be many bakers and cookie eaters celebrating today. Cookie Jam Blast's "Season of Cookies" will make sure that the sugar-fueled jubilation need not end before December is through.

Cookie Jam Blast can be downloaded via the iOS App Store and Google Play.


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Published Dec. 3rd 2018

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