A new Stellar game is announced: Stellaris

Travel the universe in Paradox Interactive's upcoming game, Stellaris

Paradox Interactive, the publishers behind Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis, have announced a new game called Stellaris. They released a trailer which only gives us a vague idea of what the game is about. 

Stellaris is a strategy game that keeps space travel as its core feature. It puts a heavy focus on exploration and science. You can discover entire civilizations as you travel through space in your very own customized ship.

You will be able to travel to thousands of planets due to Stellaris's dynamic system of randomly generated planets and civilizations.

The game has a deep indepth storytelling system that also requires players to make choices. A player can choose to be a diplomat. Someone who finds peace throughout the cosmos through politics and negotiation. Or, you can be the one who causes war and chaos throughout the cosmos by envoking war upon each new civilization you come across. 

Stellaris will be coming out on Feburary 16th 2016.


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Published Aug. 10th 2015

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