Roguelite Sparklite Gets Shiny New Teaser Trailer

A brand-new indie roguelite adventure is making its way to consoles and PC this fall, with action, exploration, retro graphics, and plenty of gadgets.

Last year, developer Red Blue Games announced a partnership with publisher Merge Games for a brand-new roguelite adventure called Sparklite. The game flew under the radar for many people at the time, but Red Blue recently released a new teaser trailer as well as a batch of details explaining what the nostalgia-heavy brawler is all about.

Sparklite's plot has a few throwbacks to Secret of Mana. Sparklite itself, apart from being the title of the game, is the substance that keeps the world alive. It's a powerful force that people can channel for good or bad, or one of which they can consume large quantities for immense power boosts and serious consequences.

A villain styling himself the "Baron" conceives of a plan to harness Sparklite to power his war machines and embarks on a venture to monopolize the material. However, his overproduction and overuse of Sparklite creates a wave of pollution that washes over the world and slowly begins corrupting it.

The world has hope, though, in the form of protagonist, Ada. If she can prevent the Baron from taking control of the Sparklite core, his plans can be overturned.

Ada has quite the adventure in store for her it seems.

Sparklite takes inspiration from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Rogue Legacy, among other classic titles. With the help of Ada's gadgets and tools, players will fight their way through dungeons and overworld maps full of monsters.

The world of Sparklite is vast and varied, and Ada will explore dark mines, luminous nightscapes, and dense forests full of secrets along her journey.

The game's roots in A Link to the Past are visible in the gameplay trailer. However, Red Blue Games has yet to discuss much about its roguelite elements, though the developers are keen to point out that the game will carve its own identity to separate it from its inspirations.

Sparklite is set to launch November 14 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows.


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Published Sep. 19th 2019

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