Mario Kart 8 to Get 3 Mercedes on August 27th

Want to race as Mario while driving a Benz kart? Well now you can!

Could you imagine playing a Mario Kart game with your favorite character racing in a Mercedes-Benz? Well soon on the Nintendo Wii-U, players can choose from three different Benz Karts made special for Mario Kart 8.

Starting August 27, Mario Kart 8 racers can use three different kinds of Mercedes-Benz vehicles - conveniently pre-sized as karts - once the free game update downloads, according to The cars include a 2014 GLA, a 1935 W25 Silver Arrow, and a 1957 300 SL Roadster. The luxury car company made a special deal with Nintendo just for this occasion, and Nintendo is sure to have much more following.

This could just be the start of a new line of karts for future Mario Kart games. If Mario Party 10 is looming on the game horizon, you can bet your Koopa Shells that Mario Kart 10 is a sure thing in the future of Nintendo. Imagine car companies like Chevrolet, Honda and BMW offering exclusive digital replicas of their cars transformed into karts and being pummelled by all the sabotage items that only Mario Kart can offer? The possibilities are endless, but they only begin if gamers create a demand for it. And Mercedes-Benz is just the start!

In addition to the new karts, there will also be a Mercedes Cup Tournament held from August 27 to September 23, according to

Players will compete with other racers from around the globe while racing in Mercedes-Benz karts.

Grab the exclusive Mercedes-Benz DLC so you can race for the Mercedes Cup!


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Published Sep. 1st 2017

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