Multi-crew Ships and Commander Creation to be Included in Elite: Dangerous Beta

The most anticipated Expansion Pack for Elite: Dangerous is around the corner. Multicrew ships and commander creation coming with Elite: Dangerous Beta on 26th February.

Only the chosen ones -- commanders selected by Frontier will be able to participate in Beta Test of a new expansion pack for Elite: Dangerous

Version 2.3 of the game will be going into Beta stage on 26th February and will feature major additions to ED Universe.

From the beginning, all players were talking about this: hoping that one day they will be able to see faces of own Commanders. It seems that now this is going to be possible. Part of the new patch is Commander Creator. It means that players will be able to create their own visions of in-game personas like in other popular MMO games. There is no information about the variety of options right now.

It looks like there is a very important reason why Frontier introduced character creation -- with the same patch planned for tests at the end of February -- the game will also introduce multi-crew ships.

There is no information how long the new expansion pack will be tested but certainly, there will be many commanders waiting for the opportunity to fly with other commanders from the same faction. Multicrew flying will be possible only in certain ships and there is no information yet on how many Commanders will be able to fly together.

Hopefully, more information will be given on the Frontier live stream and dev spotlight showing new features to the public. No dates for that presentation were given.



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Published Jan. 28th 2017

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