"AdventureQuest 3D" Reveals Guardian Character in Latest Trailer

The upcoming 3D iteration of Artix Entertainment's popular game just got a new face on the block.

Yes, AdventureQuest fans rejoice. With the release of AdventureQuest 3D for PC and mobile approaching this fall, the sight of a trailer should come as little surprise. This latest one debuts the "Guardian," a seeming hybrid of knight and caster, based on the footage. Shown wielding several sword attacks and firing beams of fire from a magic sigil, this new character certainly appears to break the oft-seen mold in RPGs of "have sword, must use," where many blade wielding characters fall immediately into the in-your-face, tanky playstyle. Should this appearance hold true, the Guardian will likely provide a unique and entertaining gameplay experience when AQ 3D finally drops.

Until that day comes though, you can always check out the main AdventureQuest 3D site or the Kickstarter page for more information on the game. Even with the campaign's funding period over, (to the tune of more than $300,000 dollars, no less) the folks at Artix continue to post regular updates on their progress. The game is also available on Steam Early Access for those interested in experiencing the game in its current state, with a similar solution coming to iOS and Android platforms in July, according to the website.

Published Jun. 7th 2016

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