6 Animal Crossing: New Horizons Features We Already Know About

Make Your Own Path

The option to literally carve — or pave, I guess — your own path is one I didn’t realize I wanted so much. Fortunately, New Horizons provides it. It’s not clear from trailers whether you’ll need a specific shovel, though it looks like you will. But it is clear you can make walkways, little clearings, or whatever else you take a notion to making that involves not having grass.

City Folk tried this with that bizarre “walk on the grass and it disappears” mechanic, but I greatly prefer New Horizons’ method of giving you more control (and less dead-looking ground). Surely, we’ll still be able to plunk down paving squares of our own design as well, but the option to take the natural route is much appreciated. 

Published Feb. 17th 2020

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