6 Animal Crossing: New Horizons Features We Already Know About

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Tiered Villages


 *Early looks at New Horizons suggested we’d probably be getting multi-level villages again, and a Taiwanese billboard ad confirmed it.*

*However, even just the one additional tier adds a sense of expansiveness not there in the flat layouts, not to mention the added visual interest as well. Hopefully, we don’t have to push basketballs and snowballs up these stairs though.*


Tiers add visual interest, of course, but the really, incredibly exciting thing here is that you can terraform your village eventually. Want more cliffs? Build ‘em. Hate the rock face blocking your view? Tear it down! It’s a huge step forward in customization and literally turning the island into your personal paradise.


Make Your Own Path


It’s not clear from trailers whether you’ll need a specific shovel, though it looks like you will. But it is clear you can make walkways, little clearings, or whatever else you take a notion to making that involves not having grass. 

Replace with:

The Animal Crossing Direct showed us you’ll get the option to create multiple different paths later in the game, once you get a construction permit. It’s not clear how you actually get that, though, since the Direct just said “once the island is fully decked out.” Maybe there’s a development level for the island, like your town ratings of old?


Either way, it’s welcome. City Folk

Pole Vaulting

 *Whether pole vaulting is something that’s just for fun or that you (maybe everyone?) have to do until you can afford a bridge remains to be seen.*


We know now you’ll be using the pole vault to get across water until you can afford Nook’s construction consultation services. It’s one of the basic tools you’ll craft to get started on your island adventure, but really, there’s plenty of appeal in keeping the pole forever. Why spend thousands of Bells when you can just hop over the river?

Item Crafting

What’s more, you can even customize your furniture with what you find, like using fruit to make fruit furniture, and apparently there are different grades of tools you can make too. How expanded this particular aspect of crafting will be, we still don’t know of course. But here’s hoping you can craft almost everything you use.

Published Feb. 17th 2020

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