Oddworld Inhabitants Are up to Something

Oddworld Inhabitants need us

Yesterday, Oddworld Inhabitants released new details on their upcoming game Soulstorm. A supposed remake of Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus, and it's breaking people's brains.

On their official website, OWI released an encrypted image and an incredibly disturbing sound file. Also featured are 6 locked files, yet to be decoded.

Fans are currently trying to decipher what exactly these two files mean, via Oddworld's official forums.

So far, the image file refers to 'test subjects' and someone called Ed, who supposedly is also a mudokon like Abe.

Along with ODI, there appears to be a Twitter handle, referring to the 'Spirit of 1049' and another referring to 'Ed Mudokon.'

ODI Twitter

1029 Twitter

Ed Mudokon Twitter

Interestingly, these two accounts were made early to mid last year. Clearly ODI have been planning this foe a long time.

The ODI and Ed Mudokon Twitter handles also feature unrevealed images, possibly linking to Soulstorm'

Can you crack the code to find out what's going on? Help us...


Published Mar. 21st 2019

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