The 7 Best Weapons in Realm Royale

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Hi-Rez Studios, the acclaimed developer of Paladins, recently launched a new type of Battle Royale game -- Realm Royale. The game is currently available for free at Steam, and you can immediately start trying all the available classes and their weapons.

Speaking of weapons, there are neutral and class-exclusive weapons in the game. Some are good and others are really bad. So, how do you know which weapons to look out for, when there's so many of them?

Don't worry, just take a look at this list, and you will find all the necessary info on which types of weapons are worth your time and why.


  • Infinite Ammo
  • 900 Damage
  • 2 Shots Per Second
  • 900 Projectile Speed

This Hunter class exclusive weapon is by far the best weapon in the game. If you don't play Hunter yet, then you need to switch as soon as possible. Reportedly Hi-Rez will nerf the bow very soon, although no exact dates have been announced yet.

Longbow is both very precise and deals a lot of damage. Fully charged bow can deal up to 1000 points of damage and the projectiles fly really fast. Overall, this is the best weapon Realm Royale has to offer at this moment.

Throwing Axe

  • Infinite Ammo
  • 900 Damage
  • .9 Shots Per Second
  • .5 Projectile Size

The only other weapon that can seriously compete with the Hunter's Longbow is the Warrior's Throwing Axe. It complements the mobile Warrior class really well with its fast speed of throwing and high damage.

The further the axe flies, the more damage it deals. You can bring up the max damage up to 1200 points, but you need to be really skillful with it to be able to make it work on that level.


Heirloom Rifle

  • 12 Ammo
  • 220/275/330/385 Damage
  • 2 Shots Per Second

If you don't want to bother with class exclusive weapons that must be made in the Forge, you can always find one of the Heirloom Rifles and use it to your advantage in any class.

There are four types of this rifle, out of which the legendary one is the best, obviously. Also it's a hitscan weapon that can bring the accuracy of your shots up a notch, and the critical damage stacks pretty high as well.

Sniper Rifle

  • 1 Ammo
  • 1100 Damage
  • 1 Shots Per Second

Assassins benefit a lot from playing with their exclusive weapon. Sniper Rifle is the most accurate weapon in the game and probably has the highest damage as well, if you manage a headshot in a long range.

However, it can be punishing to use the Sniper Rifle in mid to close range. That's why assassins should always have an Heirloom Rifle as an alternative to the Sniper Rifle for the close combat.


Plasma Launcher

  • 6 Ammo
  • 800 Damage (AOE)
  • 1 Shots Per Second

Plasma Launcher is another example of a powerful weapon with a downside. Just like Sniper Rifle being super effective at long range, but completely useless in the close range; Plasma launcher is great at close combat, but is highly inefficient at long range.

Despite that it is still an incredibly powerful weapon, which can completely destroy any type of armor in just two shots. Since the firing rate is really high, you will easily deal with any type of enemy, but again only at close range.

Slug Rifle

  • 6 Ammo
  • 400/500/600/700 Damage
  • 1.1 Shots Per Second

The best part about Slug Rifle is that no matter how close or far away you shoot from your target, you can be sure that it will deal exactly the amount of damage each of the rarities indicate.

For example, if you have a legendary Slug Rifle, you can deal 700 points of damage even if you just barely touched your enemy. That's almost as much as any other exclusive class weapon. The only reason it's worse than the Heirloom Rifle is that it doesn't have a hitscan.


Stone Spear

  • 15 Ammo
  • 225 Damage over .3 Seconds
  • 1.2 Shots Per Second
  • Projectile Size: .5

The weakest class weapon is the Mage's Stone Spear, which is still head-and-shoulders above any other common  weapon in the game. It allows you to shoot three consecutive projectiles in a span of a second and deal 675 damage.

Other than that, mages usually mostly rely on their abilities rather than weapons, so no wonder that Stone Spear is weaker in comparison to other weapons from all other classes.


That is all for the best weapons list, and for other Realm Royale guides at GameSkinny, be sure to check out the links below:

Published Jun. 15th 2018


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