Confirmed: Mirror's Edge: Catalyst a reboot

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst reboot has been confirmed.

As opposed to being a continuation of the first game, Mirror's Edge: Catalyst will be a reboot that focuses on Faith's origins. Of course, the rebooted aspect of Mirror's Edge: Catalyst is not the gameplay as evidenced by the recently released gameplay trailer showing off beefed up combat and parkour mechanics similar to the original. Rather the story will not focus on a continuation of events from the first game, but will rather be an overhaul of Faith's story.  

The original Mirror's Edge revolved around Faith trying to help clear her sister's name for murder. The story from the original was often criticized for being simplistic, not really delving much into Faith's character.  This time around, EA DICE has decided to take a new direction. Design Director, Erik Oeldahl told IGN, "We’re telling Faith’s origin story, so the events of the first game actually don’t really exist. Maybe they will at one time in the future".

Along with Oeldahl's quote, the game centering on Faith's origin story has been alluded to in the first trailer with Faith receiving her trademark tattoo. In addition, EA DICE has released images of Faith as a young child hinting more towards exploration of her past.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst will be released February 23, 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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Published Apr. 29th 2016

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