Watch Dogs: The Next Big Thing!

I just found my new obsession! Watch Dogs has graphics of epic proportions. It allows you to challenge your friends, ask them for help, has other multiplayer capabilities that are still hush-hush, and it is being released for World Gameplay on multiple devices in numerous countries.

Lately, I've been hearing a lot about Watch Dogs.Now you probably think I'm crazy for being behind on the latest gaming news, but I've just never been one of those people who follows blogs or researches the latest or the revamped.  I'm much more content to find out about the newest games from my lovely Facebook friends who do the work for me, when they post up their opinions on what's hitting the market.For a couple of weeks now, Watch Dogs has been popping up throughout my world like Bad Wolf (and if you don't get the reference, start watching Doctor Who). I feel like I am seeing it everywhere and everything I have seen is good. Today, I finally sat down and started researching. I was drawn in by the hype and honestly, I expected disappointment...Instead, I was met by what might just end up being my new obsession. I'm still processing and I've watched the latest trailer for it at least five times. First: Let's talk about graphics.Seriously. Just blown away. I don't even know what to say other than I was actually confused for the first couple of seconds because I thought I was looking at a real person. (Just to be clear, I am referring to the E3 "Exposed" Trailer. Not the Out of Control Trailer, ctOS Threat Monitoring Report, Commented PS4 Demo, or the E3 2012 Demo. All of which are fantastic so watch them as well!) This game could fail in every other aspect and I would still buy it in a heartbeat simply for the graphics. Ubisoft really hit the mark.Vigilante: Aiden PearceI typically don't play vigilante games. But an expert hacker who uses his skills to make our world a weapon? I'm hooked. Plain and simple. And as a person who is addicted to crime shows, I am psyched to play the tormented lawless good guy fighting against the corrupt system using extraordinary intelligence. The cherry on top was when I saw that the description for Aiden Pearce read, "not a hero from the 70's with a cape, but a real human being that will deal with all the repercussions of his actions." I was mere inches from the screen. I don't know how many other gamers out there are giddy about "repercussions," but I  think the realistic qualities of this game are a refreshing change of pace.Speaking of which... This game has some fantastically realistic aspects that make it more than just a brawl on the streets.This game really does have you figuring out your street smarts! During the E3 live stage show today, Watch Dogs representatives showed viewers a demo of the game and talked about the importance of going undetected. It actually pays off for a driver to go the speed limit and to follow the laws. Driving isn't about gunning the engines and racing from point A to point B. Aside from figuring out when to drive carefully and when to speed, players also have the ability to switch between using their technology prowess and their guns (both mechanical and muscle). This means that Watch Dogs can support multiple gaming styles and draw in large audiences of gamers. Being more of a stealth player myself, I can go in and tackle missions using the available technology in whatever area of Chicago it happens to take place. If you are more of a guns-blazing kind of gamer, then charge in! Either way, the game is made to support both styles.Stuck in a sticky situation with the cops? Ask your friends for help!The E3 live stage show brought even more wonders with it today. Turns out, if you find yourself surrounded by cops and need a little help getting out, you can call for help. Your friends (from the ones sitting next to you on the sofa to the ones half way across the world) will receive a notification that they can choose to respond to. If they decide to help you out, they can control the city with the same hacking capabilities as Aiden and assist you without ever setting foot in your Chicago location. Are you a bit too competitive to ask a friend for help?No problem. Instead of sending out a cry for help, you can send out a challenge. A friend will then hack the city in an attempt to stop you from achieving your goals. They will have complete control over the police force and will have all the same hacking capabilities as Aiden. But what if you lose?Luckily, the challenge portion of the game will not have any long term consequences for your gameplay experience.This game is the full experience.So not only does this game have graphics of epic proportions, but it allows you to challenge your friends, ask them for help, and has other multiplayer capabilities that are still hush-hush.  Not only that, it is supported by a plethora of gaming devices and consoles. This includes your smartphone or tablet. Plus it's also being released to numerous countries, so when they say World Gameplay, they aren't kidding. In other words, my wallet is already a little bit lighter and yours should be too!Let me know what you think by commenting below! I want to hear what you have to say, whether you are bouncing off the walls with excitement like me, or if you think this game is seriously overrated! If you are in North America, they are shipping the game out on Nov. 19. Those of you in Europe, it will be shipped out on Nov. 21.You can also preorder on the Watch Dogs site.


Published Jun. 12th 2013
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    Good article! Little point, when talking about graphics some people do like the finer details (frame rate, pixel count, etc.). I know you posed links, but you should always give highlights as some people don't have the time to open them or are to lazy to do so. And if you need more info, just look on my page. I've been all over the place.

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