Female Game Developer Brianna Wu Offers Cash Reward for Information That Sends Her Harassers to Jail

Following weeks of harassment and death threats, Brianna Wu is taking steps to help send her harassers to jail.

For almost a full month, Brianna Wu has been one of several women who work in the gaming industry targeted by a members of a movement called #GamerGate. She has talked openly about this on her Twitter feed, where viewers can usually see some of these threats and harassing messages being delivered on a daily basis. The police became involved when death threats forced her to leave her home early last month.

Wu has been proactive in her responses from the very beginning, talking openly about her experiences to the media, refusing to be bullied into silence, and standing up for all of the women being harassed. She has even started a legal defense fund for women targeted by #GamerGate.

Her most recent effort against those behind the threatening messages, is to offer an $11,000 cash reward leading to the arrest of those responsible.

She followed this up with a list of the terms of the reward, which also outlined tiers or levels of how it would work, with the first arrest leading to the $11,000 reward, a second arrest leading to a reward level of $5500, and a third arrest with a reward of $2750. Much of the money behind the rewards comes from an anonymous donor, but the Wu family is contributing $1750 personally. It is clear that this is a very personal matter for Wu and her family, and they would like those behind the threats brought to justice. Not just for herself, but for all women in the industry who have experienced threats and harassment.


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Published Nov. 5th 2014
  • Michael_9969
    She should just pull a malcom x, when he began to receive death threats in 1964: he purchased a rifle.

    The whole thing is a disgrace but you cant can't reason with people like that. If motherf***ers want to come at you be ready for them
  • radogamer
    Just the fact that we have to designate gender in any industry is sad! If the headline were to say "Game Developer Brianna Wu" that would be enough information to know what's going on. No offense meant as this is a good story and the fact is that the Gaming industry obviously has some issues around gender. At least here at GS I see a lot of Women writers, and that's refreshing to say the least. Thanks for tackling a difficult and controversial subject Charity.
  • Rosey Marsh
    they delete your comments on this thread, beware!
  • Peter_7698
    Sticks and stones.....
  • No one_4871
    Turns out the legal defence fund pays straight into Zoe Quinn's private paypal account.

    You can check that with some research, make of the fact what you will.
  • Rosey Marsh
    Who is the "Wu" family given that his original surname was Flynt?

    Since when did trans speak for women and feminism? Do genetically-born-females (XX) accept that a born-male turned trans-female (still XY) is doing that and provable soiling their gender and reputation in so doing?

    I'm so confused. Some say he/she sent those threats to him/her to get victim status. Is that true?

    Lots of screen captures from both pro/anti GG are being photoshoped, can we believe in anything they say?
  • Capt. Eliza Creststeel
    - Actually I found a few of items about a John Flynt who may very well be Brianna Wu. I have no issue with transgender persons and have supported others in the past for their decisions to become who they truly feel they are. Sadly though, I also read through a number of items about this person and found some things troubling.

    It's possible that Brianna may have purposely created at least one attack on herself -


    Because someone discovered the image was crafted days before an interview that 'brought it to light', that means someone made it prior, and who else could have but Brianna herself? Interestingly, the original thread and her remarks about this item were quickly taken down but not before the archives were made.

    I'm very disappointed if this is true but I realize that there are people on both sides of Gamergate that are trying to use the situation to gain notoriety. Milo from Brietbart and CH Simmons are two prime examples of conservative media using the outrage for their benefit. Ditto for Adam Baldwin. But, if someone is setting themselves up to be more of a victim with faked material to add to the fire, that is truly saddening.

    There are real victims of harassment and there are very real harassers out there, so ginning up any material would be counter-productive. I really don't want this to be real.
  • Gullable Steve
    So I looked up "John Flynt" as Lane Davis suggests, and


    I am truly impressed by the work of his/her plastic surgeons. Thank you slashdot for sending me to this story and for helping me to waste 10 minutes of my evening.
  • Lane Davis
    She's not a female. She's a transwoman with a history of compulsive lying. Google John Flynt to see lies about having amnesia, and racist comments against people at her university that got a restraining order against her.
  • Charity Vandehey
    Wow, I'm not sure where to even begin here. If she is a transwoman, and I fail to see what that has to do with anything, she does indeed identify as female. That's pretty much the whole point. And are you saying that she is somehow lying about the dozens and dozens of threatening and harassing tweets from multiple users that have been visible to anyone who wishes to scroll through her Twitter feed for weeks? Because that would take a conspiracy theory on a colossal scale.
  • JohnnyComeLately
    I'm glad. Too many d-bags. I'm all for taunting (teabagging as an example) and some trash talk, but death threats are completely unnecessary and way too far.
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    At least this is something to help a tiny bit. The problem though, men are harassed too, can't we just try to stop harassment against people?
  • Charity Vandehey
    Thiis particular group has targeted women in the industry. Wu has seen friends quit their jobs to get away from it, so that is her focus. And yes, while men do get harassed, there is definitely an element of gaming culture that has an issue with women, specifically, that is a prevalent and immediate problem that needs addressing. But harassment is never acceptable, no matter the gender.
  • | Narz |
    This is GENIUS! :D
  • Charity Vandehey
    I hope it succeeds.
  • Capt. Eliza Creststeel
    Whether this curbs behavior remains to be seen, but having just one such person hauled away in cuffs and stood before a judge and outed publicly might give a lot of other basement stalkers second thoughts.
  • Charity Vandehey
    Right? I'm never sure as to how effective a reward will be, but I really want some of these bullies brought to justice, somehow.
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    I'm not totally sure a cash reward is a good idea, not sure what I would put in it's place though... BUT it's good that someone will offer an incentive to getting the pitiful human behaviour off the internet, (or at least reduced) now if only this can be done for all people who are harassed.
  • Charity Vandehey
    I wishe there was an effective process in place to catch and prosecute these people. It seems as though we still have work to do to effectively battle cyber threats.

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