Switch Owners Can Get Their Hands On a New Senran Kagura

A new Senran Kagura will be bouncing its way onto the Nintendo Switch and you should be excited. Very excited.

In Wednesday’s Nintendo Direct, producer Kenichiro Takaki announced a new Senran Kagura is in the works for the Nintendo Switch.

With the working title: “Shinobi Refle Senran Kagura,” the game will exploit the full power of Nintendo’s HD Rumble, and has undergone extensive testing to ensure the accuracy of what you’ll be feeling.


Developed by Tamsoft and produced by Marvelous Entertainment, Senran Kagura follows a group of scantily-clad female ninjas who protect Japan as students of Hanzo Academy. The series first appeared on the 3DS as a side-scroller, but has had several spin-offs as a card game, third person shooter, and even a rhythm cooking game, that have launched across several systems.

Now, for the new Switch title, we just wait for our opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their labor. If you've been looking for a not-so-family-friendly title to Christen your new Nintendo hardware, this is the title for you.

And don't fret if you're the impatient type. While Shinobi Refle Senran Kagura doesn't have a launch window yet, there are anime and manga adaptations of the series that you can get your mitts on right now.


Editor's Note: The video originally included here has been removed as it is no longer available. 8/19/20


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Published Aug. 25th 2020

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