Elite: Dangerous is Getting Kickstarted as an RPG

Not enough Elite: Dangerous in virtual reality? Now fans can go into Role Playing.

Elite: Dangerous launched today on Kickstarter...as role-playing game! If its crowdfunding campaign succeeds, the project (dubbed EDRPG) will be released in December 2017 with a Core Manual and four Supplements, which will allow commanders to take their beloved Elite: Dangerous gameplay experience into role-playing world.

Backers of this Spidermind Games project who pledge enough money will receive a number of extra perks for the game, including:

  • Rule Book
  • Military Sourcebook
  • Espionage Sourcebook
  • Supertraders Sourcebook
  • Exploration Sourcebook

Each of these books will help players shape their characters and stories behind them.

According to the description of EDRPG on the developer's website, players will dive into dangerous galaxy that's full of police shooting on-sight in systems overrun by smugglers and pirates. Each player will own a personal ship, which will be completely customizable with modules known from Elite: Dangerous. Player can also land on alien planets, use SRVs, or even battle tanks! 

The project is licensed by Frontier, which means that the final game (if it's funded) should be closely connected to real Elite: Dangerous lore.

Will you be supporting this venture into RPGs for Elite: Dangerous? Got other games you think deserve a crowdfunding campaign like this? Let me know in the comments!


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Published Jan. 16th 2017

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