Mewtwo Evolution? New Form? Who is This New Pokemon?

Is Mewtwo finally getting an evolution?

A new Pokemon has shown up on the official site, and he bears a striking resemblance to the classic legendary Mewtwo. The trailer above shows this interesting specimen in action in Pokemon X and Y, and it's not unlikely we have a Mewtwo evolution on our hands.

Mewtwo evolution incoming?

There are several signs pointing this new reveal being Mewtwo's evolution. Click the image below (or here) to see where I circled the similarities between the two.

Further proof:
  • The recent trailer for the upcoming movie Extremespeed Genesect: Mewtwo's Awakening confirms that Mewtwo himself will be making a return to the series.
  • The trailer for this new form in Pokemon X and Y in the header above shows this new form using an attack on Genesect, the antagonist in the new movie.
  • Near the end of the trailer for the movie, the Japanese text reads "You have yet to see the real 'Mewtwo'".

With the reveal of this new Pokemon coming so early and Extremespeed Genesect: Mewtwo's Awakening being released on July 13 in Japan, it seems very likely we'll be seeing Mewtwo evolve into his new form during the movie.


Mewtwo himself was genetically engineered to be the ultimate Pokemon, and it's all too easy to jump to the conclusion that this is an evolution of the original legendary Psychic-type. Could it be possible that this new Pokemon is an improvement upon the original design, as opposed to an evolution?

One could argue that Mewtwo is unable to evolve because he is not a naturally occurring species. If this is the case, then there is no way we're looking at an evolution. At the same time, the words from the movie trailer seem to point to Mewtwo being able to become even more powerful. His name is stated in quotes, implying his stronger form (that the reader "has yet to know") goes by a different name.

I do think Mewtwo has an evolution, and I do think it is this new revealed Pokemon -- but it's not far off to guess that it is a new and improved species based off of the original design.

[Edit] A new video showing Mewtwo transforming has been released. We still don't know whether he's an evolution or a new form, but hopefully we'll find out soon!

Published Apr. 7th 2013
  • Keykeeper_8743
    Mewtwo is Genetically engineered so a stone to allow it too mega evolve can't exist, unless it was created, but even then someone would have to analyze mewtwo to get the data.
  • pokemonster678
    LOL!!! past speculation
  • pokemonster678
    LOL!!! This is so much fun to relook our speculation anyway it couldn't have been an evolution anyway cause he is legandery
  • Rayquaza_8277
    i think that there going to bring out mega evolutions and mewtwo is going to have one
  • Justin_4614
    The old mewtwo from pokemon the movie was a male this one is female.
  • Jade harley_5706
    its mega mewtwo y...
  • James_3575
    I wonder what is his name... Mewthree?
    Too many Pokemon, I can't even stare some of them.
  • Jimmy Pokechamp
    This "NewMewTwo" is a shame, I don't get how anybody can like his shape its soo ugly, the original was already a master piece, + art wise and design wise, there is less detail in the artwork and his shapes are rounder like most new pokemon. There isnt enough effort on the creation of these new gen, they are recycling concepts and its very sad for the fans, I see this as a "Dragon ball GT direction" They want to make money (obviously) but the true fans will suffer from this money rush... I loved 1gen and 2nd gen, but I feel like the 4th gen was suffering from a lack of originality and effort.
  • Linn_5056
    Away with the new form of Mewtwo!. Please I do not like the new, he is ugly, horrible and weird, He is then not the Mewtwo I remember : '(. Do not remove the best Mewtwo who won everyone's hearts
  • MindBenda
    It's quite possible that you're all right. Though Mewtwo isn't a naturally occurring pokemon, and was created in a lab, consider Porygon. He is also not a naturally ocuring pokemon and exolves with "upgrade" not a stone at all. There are other exceptions like King's Rock, Deep sea tooth/scale, dragon scale, metal coat etc. It could also be a stat based evolution like Umbreon/Espeon.
  • Ashley Gill
    Associate Editor
    That is possible as well! Though if you think about it, the Pokemon that use stones to evolve may have gotten that ability through generations of breeding.

    Then again, I think that might be thinking about it a bit too much. It's not like they explain this type of stuff. Though you may be right, it may just be a device-based evolution. I am pretty convinced this new Pokemon isn't just some brand new thing, one way or the other.
  • Varón V.B.
    Since Mewtwo is an invention, and cannot evolve by nature, perhaps there will be some kind of device/item that you give him to "upgrade" him to his new form. As opposed to him evolving organically. Kinda like how Pikachu evolves with a Thunder Stone.
  • Ashley Gill
    Associate Editor
    Like most evolution additions in Pokemon these days don't add unnecessary elements.

    The tail moving from his big ol' booty to his head is the one odd thing that could point to this being a new Pokemon, but the words at the end of the movie trailer are pretty damning with this new guy being revealed.
  • Jeremy
    I think the ring on his head is a bit unneccessary. I wonder if it'll be an evoluton, or another standalone, but just related.

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