Microsoft and Ubisoft Considering Digital Events in Lieu of E3

E3 2020 may be cancelled, but some publishers are choosing other routes to show gamers what they've got coming.

E3 is one of the many events that has shutdown in the face of COVID-19, but that doesn't mean some publishers aren't going to try to give the industry a look at what's to come.

Microsoft has confirmed they will be hosting a digital event to "celebrate the next generation of gaming," as this E3 was to be the last before we ticked over into a new console generation. Details about the event's timeframe and how it will be handled will be announced in the coming weeks.

Ubisoft has also announced via Twitter they will be looking into options for a "digital experience" to show off what they've got down the pipeline, but they have no details on what that might be just yet.

Other publishers are sure to follow suit as E3 has stood as the most prolific source of new game announcements for 15 years. However, it's worth noting that Sony pulled out of the event last year and announced back in January they would not be attending E3 this year, either.

Some seem to think this year's special circumstances have put the nail in the coffin for E3 in the future, but we've seen the trade show adapt in the past and it very well could again to remain relevant in this fast information age. There's no need to start claiming otherwise just yet!

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Published Mar. 12th 2020

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